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Difference Between Fiat Money and Commodity Money


The reserve requirement ratio is the portion banks cannot lend to different clients from their savings accounts. The lower the reserve requirement ratio, the more funds will be loaned to other people, creating commercial bank money. Because it has not been recognized as legal tender by the government, as opposed to fiat money, individuals are not obligated to accept it as a form of payment under the law as a result.

Is a car a commodity money?

In fact, they're commodities. There is no difference in those vehicles sitting over there (all different makes and models) than there is in corn or wheat futures that are traded on the commodities exchange every day. pre-owned market as well as what's in demand in your local market?

On the other hand, generally, the determines the quantity of the commodity money. Commodity money refers to money that derives its worth from the materials that are used in making it. For instance, early civilizations used gold and silver coins as money.

Representative money with examples

Thus, the risk of volatility always exists with commodity money. For instance, in addition to being commodity money, cigarettes can be smoked, while gold and silver can be used for making pieces of jewelry. Commodity money’s value is likewise not determined by the government, and it fluctuates for a variety of causes. Commodity money’s value is exclusively determined by the market, which also sets the money’s amount.


As a result, money has been separated into three distinct sorts. But we’ll make a distinction between fiat money and commodities money here. People frequently mix up the many forms of money, but it is important to be precise and detailed about the money because it represents its usage and distinctions. It should be easily divided into small quantities so that its original use value can be identified-enough so that a useful quantity of the commodity can be carried or transported.

Related Differences and Comparisons

We use money in this fashion because it is also a medium of exchange. When we report the value of a good or service in units of money, we are reporting what another person is likely to have to pay to obtain that good or service. It should be noted that bitcoin is not the first attempt at digital currency. Controls in the 1960s already became leaky and investors found ways to circumvent them and move money offshore from local currency deposits into foreign currency deposits. Some even used accounting tricks to move money from one currency to another. The earliest forms of money, like agricultural goods and seashells, were concrete, as they represent an immediate utility that can be consumed.

After the Gulf War, the northern, mostly Kurdish area of Iraq was separated from the rest of Iraq though the enforcement of the no-fly-zone. Iraqi citizens in southern Iraq were given three weeks to exchange their old dinars for the new ones. In the northern part of Iraq, citizens could not exchange their notes and so they simply continued to use the old ones.

Are cryptocurrencies and fiat money the same?

Debasement refers to lowering the value of a , particularly of one based on a precious metal, by adding metal of inferior value. Inflation measures the rate at which the average price levels in an economy increase over time. But it is regrettable that such superficial distinctions as this should still play a part in economic discussion. Commodities such as meat would not be effective as they go bad over time.

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Gary Gensler’s SEC is playing a game, but not the one you think.

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In other words, it is like the money we use today, but has an actual value. For example, gold was used as money, but also in the manufacturing of jewellery. These disadvantages of fiat currency inspired the creation of cryptocurrency, which aims to retain many of the advantages of fiat currency without GMT difference between fiat and commodity money the requirement of centralized control. The Fiat money system is backed by the reliability of the issuing government and is used as a means of payment. Moreover, its value relies on the nation’s commercial performance, leadership, and its effect on lending rates.

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The Fed uses monetary aggregates to measure the money supply in the economy. Monetary aggregates measure the amount of money that circulates in the economy. Commodity money is a medium exchange with intrinsic value due to its use for purposes other than money. Examples of this include gold like the one in Figure 1 and silver. There will always be a demand for gold as it can be used in jewelry, making computers, Olympic medals, etc.

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The Bank of Canada and Canadian economists often use this early form of paper currency to illustrate the true nature of money for Canadians. Another mathematical model that explains the value of fiat money comes from game theory. In a game where agents produce and trade objects, there can be multiple Nash equilibria where agents settle on stable behavior.

Pros of Commodity Money

Explain how a gold standard, as monetary policy, would work. Define, compare, and contrast fiat money and representative full-bodied money. Commercial bank money is important because it helps create liquidity and funds in an economy. It ensures that the money deposited in saving accounts is efficiently used to generate more funds in the economy that could be used for investment and development. Furs and agricultural commodities such as maize were employed in trade transactions throughout the 17th and early 18th centuries. For example, during World War II, prisoners were using cigarettes as commodity money, and they were exchanging them for other goods and services.

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difference between fiat and commodity money

Examples of fiat money include any currency that only the government backs and is not linked to any real tangible asset. Examples include all the major currencies that are in circulation today such as the US dollar, the Euro, and the Canadian Dollar. Fiat money is a government-issued currency that is not backed by a physical commodity, such as gold or silver.

An otherwise non-valuable object that serves as a medium of exchange . Commodities often come into being in situations where other forms of money are not available or not trusted, and these are social norms. Various commodities were used in pre-Revolutionary America including wampum , maize , iron nails, beaver pelts, and tobacco. Ask Any Difference is made to provide differences and comparisons of terms, products and services. She has held multiple finance and banking classes for business schools and communities. The market and it also determines the quantity of the money.

examples of commodity

This period was the first era of globalisation, with an increasingly large flow of trade, capital, and people between countries. A fixed exchange rate would be beneficial to facilitate the trades between countries, hence more and more countries were switching to use the same measurement standard. The quantity of the commodity money, on the other hand, is usually determined by the market. The government, on the other hand, does not issue commodity money or determine its value. Fiat money is defined as money that is created with the full authority of the government and then utilized as a means of exchange. Commodity money, on the other hand, refers to money that is not issued by the government but has its value and is utilized as a medium of exchange.

What is fiat money?

Fiat money is a medium of exchange that is only backed by the government. Its value is derived from its official recognition as a medium of exchange from government legislation.

When a good is indivisible, immobile, or has a low initial usage value, problems can occur. The Royal Canadian Mint still issues Playing Card Money in commemoration of its history, but now in 92.5% silver form with gold plate on the edge. It therefore has an intrinsic value which considerably exceeds its fiat value.

Fiat money refers to money that is issued by governments, and the value of each currency is determined by the governments themselves. Each country’s central bank determines the value of its currency. The money is legal tender and can only be issued by the government.

  • You can think of commodity money as a good that can be used as money.
  • Commodity money, on the other hand, is exchangeable money that is linked to the value of the commodity it is made of.
  • While it results in economic stability, it can lead to hyperinflation.

Since then, the international monetary system has transited into the era of fiat currency. Due to its various disadvantages like its non-divisibility and the difficulty in assessing the value of articles it purchases, commodity money is very difficult to use daily. Fiat money, on the other hand, due GMT to its ease of use and multiple denominations, is very popular. Fiat money is issued and maintained by the government, whereas commodity money acquires its value from the material it is made of or its usefulness to the holder. Commodity money requires no recognition or approval from the government.